August 31, 2011

Maddie and her buddy Emily

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August 28, 2011

August 15, 2011

Kindergarten, 2011

Do you remember your first homework assignment...ever? it is. And look how happy she is about doing it. She told me she would "always love homework". I decided to not dash her hopes. she goes. George and I dropped her off together...and she was happy as could be. She looked around at the mother's sobbing...and yes...I mean a couple were sobbing. I felt like I was back at the counseling office. Maddie rolled her eyes and said " aren't going to cry are you?". Nope...just pleased to see my steady little girl walk in and shake the teacher's hand and say "Hi name is Madison not Maddie". Okay...we need a bit of help on delivery. Cool and cute group of kiddos.

August 14, 2011

My Name is Roseanna Roseanna Danna

I've introduced Maddie to SNL - she LOVES Roseanna Roseanna Danna. So...since I am the world's WORST braider...this is the typical aftermath. She proudly marches around and says "My name is Roseanna Roseanna Danna. And me....Roseanna Roseanna Danna...". Quite funny.

August 12, 2011

Kindergarten Orientation - Class of 2024

Oh my...kindergarten all ready. Maddie is very ready and looking forward to being "in a real school for big girls because I am 5 years old after all". So...there it is. Terramar is just a couple of miles from where we live which will work out beautifully. The classroom is so fun, the other kids look to be a terrific group and Maddie's teacher seems spot-on. Should be a fun year. Maddie has no apprehension at all. To celebrate, we spent a lovely day with my friend from high school and her daughter at the splash-pad. Life continues to be happy. I'm busily studying for my NCE (National Counselor's Exam) to be able to re-locate to TX sometime in the future. In the meantime, I LOVE MY JOB! Such a professional group and a lot of fun. I've switched back to the kids-side which I've alwasy enjoyed...but soon will have a mixture of seeing both...a great way of mixing it up actually. So...all is going really well.

August 07, 2011

Late addition - Mother's & Father's Days

A Couple of My Most Favorite People in the am I so very lucky?

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Both of us had wonderful time on our special days with our special daughter. She brings so much joy to us both...we're blessed with her health, intelligence, kindness and strength.

August 05, 2011

Shark Week and Kindergarten

We've been addicted to Shark Week this week - she has decided she wants to go to False Bay and knows what a "Polaris Breach" is. And...since "hypothesis" is her word of the week, has a hypothesis about everything having to do with sharks. "My hypothesis is that they need a really big tooth brush and a lot of dental floss", "My hypothesis about why they like seals is that they taste good to them - but not with ranch dressing", "My hypothesis is that if a human is fat like a seal he might be eaten by a shark", "My hypothesis is that we need sharks so shouldn't use shark nets because they help our world and keep things clean in the ocean but I shouldn't wear a black bathing suit in the ocean in case it thinks I'm a seal". She's had one hypothesis after another all week. This week she's contemplating wanting to go into the ocean in a shark out came a big box for her and me to get into a pretend to fend off the sharks, train the sharks and feed them by hand. She informed me that we weren't prey..."What is prey?" I asked and she just told me the definition of prey - "something that is hunted to be dinner...but not like tuna in a can or the burgers at In and Out". Good to know.
And....we are getting ready for kindergarten. She just asked me how to spell "official" - and told me it means "you are very good at what you do and in charge of it". I wonder what kindergarten will bring if we're at this level before it. I'm a bit scared.