June 30, 2011

June, 2011

Happy June all! We've had a blast this past month. I've LOVED playing hooky from work. Nothing is better than going to the splash pad and drinking Margaritas on a Wednesday with my family. So...play dates at splash pads and bouncy places, Maddie having fun with a superhero showing for the Green Lantern at a local mall (yee-gads does she love super heroes), she got her Green Belt - quite a sight to see and continues to have fun with school.

George and I are having fun dating. It's nice to slow down. We've gotten a lot of yard work done, seen a lot of movies...and I've leisurely put my resume out there and 100% got calls back and interviews...and hired within 2 weeks but asked not to start for a bit. I'm having too much fun!! So...I'll be working for another outpatient clinic - closure to home, making more, setting my own hours (yep...I don't have to work Fridays!!) and so far the people I've met from the interview have been so very nice. The management seems normal - such a relief. I'm hoping to not have to work with a management staff that by far needs medication and DBT worse than the clients. The one I thought was nice...a climber on the backs of others. Really? Why bother being in this field. This is why mental health provision in AZ is poor. So...off to something new and from friends in the field in TX better...

So...George and I are planning a trip to BBQ land in a few weeks to scout the place out for homes, schools...and to see if George can withstand the Austin heat and humidity. My feeling is he'll love it as much as I do. Maddie is excited about the idea of a "new adventure" as long as we eventually move into a 3 story house painted blue with an elevator. Hmmm...HGTV...where are you when I need you!! Life continues to be good and fun. I'm just happy and again...my cup runneth over and over again.