July 03, 2009

Summertime Fun

I'm not really big on video games for kids...much prefer them to read books...but this is one is fun and gentle versus the rockem' sockem'. Take a peek and see what you think :) (http://www.jumpstart.com/).
We are just back from Rocky Point...I will be posting pics from the trip hopefully Friday. Good trip...always relaxing there.
All is good...busy and fun summer for us. Maddie is growing like a week. She can swim across the width of the pool on her own. She's carrying on conversations with words like "actually" and "talent". It's a hoot. She hears and absorbs and applies. LOVE IT! Going to bed at night we hear "have sweet dreams". She's just a loving kid. Tantrums?? Not a one. I'm continuously warned about the age of 3 being tough...haven't seen it yet. She continues to love going to "school" and as always her days with her Poppa are the best. They go into their world of make-believe...going down the river on the couch and seeing hippos, tigers and other assorted animals. Such adventures. She loves being with her Poppa.
Well...more later...hope everyone is having a great summer!

July 01, 2009


It is this time of year I start to plan, look around and buy for Christmas. I find it saves me from the crazies. Well...here's one that's on the list for a few...GIANT FORTUNE COOKIES!! You can order them at Diana Rambles Site... http://www.giant-fortune-cookies.com/. The size is amazing and the variety is marvelous. Just a fun show and tell :)