April 26, 2008

Just another day in the Green Household

Our one year mark is coming with Maddie...and in many ways it seems like we've had her forever. I'm glad to have shared with her the milestones we have. She's talking up a storm, runs like mad, gives the dogs what-for...

All a huge change from the bundle we got who would do a move that looked like she had chicken wings and sigh when we first got her...the little one who couldn't walk very well at all...the little one who would point to George and yell "da". Lots of growth and fun times!
I love listening to her practice her numbers - especially the way she says 7 (sesen) and is saying "Amma Amma" for "I going to". Lately it's been "Daddy...where you are?" or "What you doing?". Just a cute little thing.
I have this groovy rhythm and balance between a family I love and a career I really enjoy. My caseload is down...but I've been doing more and more EMDR with kids that have experienced various types of trauma including abuse of all sorts, neglect and death and loss. I love having a meaningful job. I love being a woman who has both home and work. Fortunatley my work schedule is such that I'm at work for 3 1/2 days a week only...and 2 of those days Maddie is with her beloved Poppa.
Happy and good days here all around :)

April 23, 2008

California Family

My niece Meichele & her husband Ryan live in California with their 3 kids Irelyn, Kinnley and Declan. We're trying to get them over here for a visit - Kinnley and Maddie are one month apart in age and it would be so fun to have the cousins get to know each other. Ryan owns/runs Predator Motorsports (http://www.predatormotorsports.com/) so time is tight...but we'll get there yet!

April 19, 2008

Mar Mar's Chairs are back...

Thank you Bernie for re-doing my grandmother's chairs! They look terrific! These chairs have been around for about 70 years. Originally in an antiqued white color then ruined by the previous person who re-did them and they were in blue and white ticking...and now introducing my favorite of all. I think Marmar would have liked this rendition.

April 16, 2008

12 Month Home Study Done

Well...we finished our last home-study today!! How quickly has time flown. It's so funny being on the receiving end of assessments. As a therapist I'm used to being the one asking questions...so it felt funny but good to answer questions about Maddie. Brag sessions are occassionally fun. Maddie's doing great! She's exactly where she needs to be and ahead in some areas. Proud Mama and Dada here of an awesome kiddo.

Thanks Darlene for trapsing out here!! Arizona's Children Association is lucky to have you. And congratuations on the upcoming addition!!

April 06, 2008

Mighty Big Shoes to Fill!

Just playing...as always. Such a happy little monkey. She's so funny with this sense of order about her. As soon as she takes her socks and shoes off she tucks the socks neatly into her shoes and puts her shoes "just so" somewhere against a wall or on a table. Yesterday she changed her own diaper. We won't be needed around here too much longer.

April 02, 2008

Hello Hump Day

It's Wednesday...and I have no desire to work. Progress notes, progress notes, progess notes. I got into the field of counseling to do 50% paperwork. Ugh! So...just thought I'd upload a couple of cute pictures of why I do what I do.