May 30, 2011

May, 2011

4 years ago on Gotcha Day in China...Maddie wondering what she's gotten herself into. Oh...if she only knew!! We love you more with every passing second our little make us smile and see life so differently and magically. Thank you for being our daughter...we are so honored to be your Mom and Dad.

We had an amazing May...lot's of changes but all really good. We started pool days early - as usual Maddie is a fish and can REALLY hold her breath. She is doing very well with her strokes...especially freestyle. We had a lovely 4th Gotcha Day...Maddie wanted a Panda Day so it was filled with Panda themed activities including eating at Panda Express (her favorite is the orange chicken), seeing Kung Fu Panda, going to Build-A-Bear and getting a Green Panda (and having a tree planted in her honor) and making a Panda Cake! day :) I just love her to pieces. May also brought her first graduation - from kindergarten. Sweet little ceremony and so much fun. She was quite proud of her outfit and told us she looked "stylish". Many pictures with her buddy Logan. She'll miss them all - but new school for kindergarten in August!! May for me brought being fired from my job. It was actually expected and kind of non-eventful and pathetic really. I have to admit...I enjoyed the down-time as May was so filled with other fun activities and I was actually pleased to see the number of opportunities and was more than ready to be done with that place's craziness. just have lived until you've been canned. We went out for pizza and beer that night with the family and celebrated. It's weird how your 40's bring a different spin on things. "Who cares?" definitely is a fabulous feeling. Frankly - I wasn't in any rush to get another job. I've been working non-stop since I was 16 years old. A break is nice. So...I spent May getting some much needed projects around the house including cleaning out some closets, catching up on some reading, continuing to work out and just having fun. Also - George and I began to do more research about Austin, TX. We're less and less having to stay here and feel like we're being pulled that direction. So - since we have some leisurely time - we're planning a trip. Life is good...always an adventure.
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