July 26, 2008

Hi BIG Cousins Colin & Keith!

Such a loving little monkey


Maddie's Harem
Atlas Laughed?

Chinese Water Torture
Maddie learning great habits from her 2 "big boy" cousins

My father collapsing from a whirlwind of social activity :)
He's leaving for the Mediterranean in October...such a jet-setter.

The Manly Men
Mortal Combat

My Sister Sherry's son Colin joined us for a day of fun. Colin is 21 - just back from a couple of months in France and will be headed off to Indiana next summer as a part of his anthropological studies. He his an avid reader, is involved with journalism at The University of Texas - Austin and loves to travel...not to mention just a sincerely nice and laid back person. He's here for a week visiting his G-pa. My nephew Keith has come in from business life in San Diego to torture him...great fun to watch. Actually...the 2 are very close which we all love to see...and in many ways remind me of each other...open, great senses of humor, very intelligent, interested in the world and easy people to be around. Maddie went wild over the 2 "big boys" who were great sitters with her. Colin even did "potty patrol" (as she's doing pretty darn well with potty-training thank goodness!). We enjoyed a lunch at Gardunos with my Dad and the boys and then back for swimming and random acts of masculinity between the two manly men. Maddie initially just watched in awe - but by the end of the evening was ordering both of them over to the pool steps for story time. They listed by golly. I love them both dearly.

July 20, 2008


Our waiter- Chad - reminded all that:
"A girl's best friend is a good foundation"

Just a fun day at one of our local restaurants in Scottsdale - Lon's (http://www.lons.com/ ). Beautiful grounds and exquisite cuisine. Thanks Dad for joining us!! Maddie just LOVES her Poppa...