June 23, 2007

Viva Mexico - Maddie - the International Traveler

After a few weeks home...a family vacation planned for Rocky Point was on the books. I had the flu...or so I thought. Turned out I along with our beautiful daughter brought home little souvenirs from China. Giardia is easily diagnosed and treated but ABSOLUTELY miserable. Initially George and I weren't sure if we'd be able to stay...but thanks to Immodium I and my amazing husband who stepped into Daddy role 1000% had a brilliant time introducing Maddie to the ocean. Thankfully George's daughter-in-law is wonderful with kids...so she too stepped in while I slept and slept. Thanks Lenny, Ryan, Rylan and Kael for the help and support!!

At this point Maddie had been with us for a little over a month. I'm adjusting to motherhood...I think the trip was helpful with that. The ocean is always reassuring and calming. Maddie slept surprisingly well with a make-shift bed on the floor next to us, had a blast with Rylan and Kael and as always ate like a champ. She had no fear of the water and enjoyed playing in it with her floaty and was intrigued with the sand and shells. We were still working on getting to know each other...what a relaxing environment for us to do so. She was such a trooper with the driving and seemed even then to have a gentle yet resilient little nature.
We have made arrangement through Oceano Rentals and have really enjoyed the properties.