February 27, 2008

"Maddie Princess"

YThanks Auntie Teri for my Pillowcase Dress!!Y


School Days!

We decided to have Maddie in daycare 2 days a week. We began with her attending a couple of hour in July in preparation for my return to work Aug 1, 2007. The first few weeks were hairy...but by the 4th week she was fine and was insisting on walking in on her own. My School Stud. Fortunately we have found a wonderful daycare called Valley Daycare...she loves it! Her best friends since day one have been Emma and Sydney. Emma is a rascal with light blonde curls...she looks like a cherub. Sydney is also blonde and is Maddie's welcoming committee with big hugs in the morning. So far the arts and crafts activities have been constant...the highlights being painting a pumpkin frame and making her Valentine's Day bag. She's also had fun with the school pictures, dancing, pumpkin patch, parties...and has really enjoyed her teacher...especially Ms. Misty and Ms. Sharon. She can now count to 10 on her own, recognizes the majority of her letters and can tell me some words her letters start ("R" is for red" and is starting to identify her shapes. Above are rotating pictures of school since day 1 I'll be adding to. Ah do I miss my mat and snack time with graham crackers and grape juice.

Her other 2 days are spent with her beloved Poppa...her idol. I'll be doing a rotating pictures frame of their times together. He has been such an integral part of my life...and how I love that he's helping us to raise Maddie.

February 19, 2008

Goofing around in Bed...

Just goofing around to American Idol. We like the Australian fellow. Maddie likes them all...dancing and crooning away. An absolute love of music that one has.

February 17, 2008

Hi Cousins!

Here are some pictures of our visit with my cousin Kathy, my Aunt Patty & Uncle Tom and Kathy's 2 beautiful kids Dori & Bobby. Holy cow did Maddie go absolutely wild over them!! And her beloved Poppa...she nestles close to until feeling secure. Thank you Kathy, Dori and Bobby for Maddie's cute baby valentine devil pig she repeatedly pushes to sing Hot Stuff. Oh my!

Just another day in the Green Household

We've been working hard in the yard preparing for Spring. Lots of trimming and cutting. We avoided a freeze this winter...for this we're very thankful. Maddie's a good little helper...raking, dumping, digging and especially being El Jefe with George (there are a couple of pictures with her pointing him the right direction). And yes...we do tend to garden in our PJ's :)

After a hard day of yard work nothing beats dancing with Barney. I hate Barney. Enough said.
I do love Maddie's new doll from my Aunt Patty & Uncle Tom. Her doll's name is Li Li...and she won't let it leave her side. Thanks "An Pa" and "Unc Tom"!! Aunty Patty, Uncle Tom, my cousin Kathy and her 2 kids Dori and Bobby are in for Dori's gymnasics meet. She's REALLY good. More pics to come of our family athlete.
We also said goodbye to some of our size 3 shoes. She's solidly in a 4. She now proudly tells George and me "Big Girl" when we ask if she's a baby. Oh yeah...she's huge. She went to the doctor yesterday and she's a whopping 25 pounds (20%), is 31.75 inches (2%) and her head circumfrence is 45 inches (3%). Now this is the American norms...her doctor Dr. Pamela Bingham (who we LOVE) is getting us the Chinese growth charts. She's pretty average with those. She's cutting another 2 year molar. Boy...the teeth have been non-stop since we've gotten her...but she's always so cheerful.

February 16, 2008

Happy 1st Valentines Day XOXO

Maddie spent Valentine's Day at school...best I think considering her boyfriend "Danny" is there. Ah yes...a red-headed lad with flaming blue eyes. Apparently they are quite the item. Maddie had fun distributing her cards and is quite proud of her decorated goody "purse" they made at school. For dinner...out to one of our favorites...Bamboo Cafe for some lemon and orange chicken. Maddie goes CRAZY over the lemon chicken. So far so good...she's great in restaurants. And of course, the sugar-filled day ends with a good ol' tooth brushing. In bed ...looking wild after a sugar-induced hair messing-up time and then out within 5 minutes. This makes 11 wonderful celebrations with my Valentine George...and now we have such a sweet addition!