July 11, 2010

A Fish named Maddie

Ever since we brought her home, we've been astounded by Maddie's ability to channel Ethel Mermin. She loves to swim!!

July 04, 2010

San Diego - II

We had a great meal at Joe's Crab Shack...tasty margaritas. Since I had the camera...I could take pictures of the manly-men in their bibs with0ut retribution. We liked the well-endowed mermaid on the beach too.

San Diego and 4th of July

She's always been a water baby

Due to cutbacks, they are not raking the San Diego beaches the way they used too :(

Daddy is a great tunnel builder...Maddie repeatedly getting water to fill it and watching it magically disappear over and over again.
I love my daughter's confidence. She is not a shy child...very sweet and loves people. She walked up to a group of kids and asked them to play and offered her toys. It's interesting to see how some children react...as well as their parents. I'm so proud of her...always sharing and considerate of others. Such a kind heart.
Her best pal in the world...her Poppa. He is so amazing with her.
I'm so lucky to have a 3rd parent to help raise her.
They love playing pirates - Lefty, Joe Joe, Red and Blacky...and such tales and pretend play with each other. And she LOVES swimming in Poppa's pool, going to the Jump Jump place and eating avacados with lemon with him. Oh...mustn't forget the baby Oreos :)
We had a nice visit to La Jolla...fairly busy due to the 4th. We had breakfast at our favorite little place - Cody's. Then had fun driving around and looking at the homes. How I missed my mother. She and I would roam for hours looking a homes, plants...I yearned to have shared this with her.
My wonderful husband...how I love him. Such a terrific daddy too.

How I loved playing with her on the beach. Brings back so many memories of my days in California with my parents.
Maddie is in Tae Kwan Do twice a week. She spars every Thursday...and is extremely proud of her mouthgard. We are waiting for her uniform. She LOVES it...and is so very disciplined. Usually this is a class for 5+...so the teacher let her come for a trial...and that was all it took. She listens carefully and keeps up with others. She burped during this little video which is what is cracking her up at the end. She told us we're not to do that during Tae Kwon Do..."that's not very respectful".

July 02, 2010


My sweet niece with Declan, Irelyn and Kinnley

We loved Shark Encounter. It was fun experiencing Sea World with a child. No rollercoasters or crazy rides...just calm family fun and seeing it through the eyes of our astute Maddie.

Maddie loved touching the rubbery, cold sting rays. One stuck my whole hand into its' mouth. Cold, rubbery and soft.

Hugs for all of the characters.

We sat in the Splash Zone!

A bit freaked out that Wild Aunt Kelly had all sit in the Splash Zone...they bought tarps :)

Blue Horizons - dolphin show

The penquin exhibit was a lot of fun

We had a great time at Sea World. Our little Maddie is too short for all of the rides...so hopefully she'll grow by next summer! She said her favorite part was the" dolphin show and the killer whale because they were splashing".