May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend - 2008

Nothing big happening over here. I'm recovering from the flu...still. Nasty bugger. Nice weekend outside despite. Memories abound for me this Mom's death and the return from China beginning motherhood myself. Maddie and I had a quiet lunch celebration over a Mom and me favorite...tomato soup with cheese sandwiches. Holy Cow - you would have thought it was filet mignon! Also...since the world is too few of celebration...we're celebrating that Maddie has learned how to use the dog door.

May 24, 2008

Miss You Mom...

In this picture she was just about 2 months pregnant with me.
Four years ago I said Good-bye to Mom...but I guess not really. To this day I talk to her and hear her voice. She gave much to me and I hope to be as good of a Mom to Maddie as she was to me and to have Maddie feel as loved as I did...and do. Thinking of her brings to mind sunflowers, a beautifully set table, antiques, spicy food, playing crazy-8s, lemon trees and gardening, pansies, reading, decorating, traveling, the beach, onion dip, V-8 with mozarella cheese, wine, her stubborn chin, her shoulders shaking when she'd laugh, drinking jell-o juice she's make when I was sick, bright lipstick, her beautiful smile, thank you cards, house parties, saying "thank you", elbows off the table, how she'd kiss Dad's forehead, spilling things inevitably down her shirt, being blunt, her love of our Newfoundland Shadow and my cat Bevo, "summer drinks", Uncle David, her silver, her hands, and...I hear her voice clearly...even after 4 years. I remember always being able to count on her, her avid support and that she was my friend. I miss her all days...but it's nice to be able to remember such a wonderful woman without a huge amount of pain. I have more smiles with every passing year. Thanks Mom. Keep guiding me!

May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Derek!

We had fun at Derek's birthday today - the big 3!!
Maddie always has so much fun with him and Sherri.
Thanks for a fun day!

May 14, 2008

May 13, 2008

Gotcha Day - 2008

Yep...significant hair issues in the am. She was up at 5:30am screaming "Bwoons". I'll rethink this for next year.

Cheers Mommy & Daddy
Sa Cha Beef & Thai Noodles.

Our Chinese Lantern

George & I both had to work but had fun with our daughter before and after work. She woke up to some balloons, confetti and streamers and some special toys to play with at Poppa's. We had a nice breakfast at Poppa's before I went to work. Afterwards out to our local favorite Chinese restaurant. Maddie is becoming pretty adept at chopsticks. Then, to McDonald's for her ice cream treat and home to make a Chinese Lantern. Then...singing and dancing to "Mercan Iwol". Just a nice day with a nice kid. And we know this will be another fun-filled year with our 3rd Muskateer. We Love You Maddie!