March 28, 2010

March Madness

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Happy March all - I can't get over Spring is here. We're getting ready for summer - bathing suits for Maddie bought - I'm in denial. George is steadily feeling better and the household is back into a rhythm. Hope all are well and happy this spring!

March 05, 2010

Three Years Ago Today

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Wow...really...that's gone by fast.'s what happened 3 years ago today. I was home from work on a day I just decided to take off after a loonnngg training. Because of a mix up in the referral process, we were still in the doldrums thinking it would take more months of waiting for our referral...AND came, I opened, I cried, I sent to George, I cried...and then we saw she was 15 months...and I cried. I could open the referral pics...George couldn't. We were in shock with the age because we had asked for a 3-6 year old. Holy cow...15 months. I saw her picture with these fat cheeks looking like the Michelin tire baby. I knew. George was apprehensive. So...he came home and I was outside. He stayed inside for about 20 minutes staring at her picture and then came out and simply asked..."when do we go get her". And that was it. Our daughter was waiting for us. Little did we know how special she (as well as all of her Jiangxi sisters) would be. All that time waiting served a purpose...we got the one that's a perfect fit into our arms. We love you so Maddie...your smile, your intelligence, your independence, sense of humor, little chin, cheeks, beautiful eyes and our friendship. Thank you for adding so much to our lives our daughter.