January 31, 2012

January, 2012

Welcome Year of the Dragon
Bringing in 2012 with her Poppa

Maddie's favorite float - the surfing dogs.

Rose Bowl Parade Float - Family of 3 on Green Street.

Madison & her buddy Aidan

Maddie's Ninja Scarecrow.

The beginning of our "2012 Dragon"

My daughter's famous way of "finger pointing".

Madison sandwiched between her people Rylan and Kael.

Pete the Cat with us for the weekend from school.  Of course he had to be dressed up for our outing.

So - 2012 started off with our typical watching of the Rose Bowl in hometown of  Pasadena, CA.  Can't wait until Madison is old enough to volunteer with Mom to decorate floats.  She had fun with friends, playing with Legos, TKD (began as a blue-belt), swimming, beginning to construct out 2012 "dragon", spending time with family, seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts Group from China with Poppa...and bringing the year in happily. I continued to love my work - more so than ever and where I work. Madison continues to be healthy, happy and spunky!!