March 05, 2007

Referral Day!!!!!!

So much has happened to our family through the past years I thought it would be a good idea to start a "scrapbook" of sorts that we can all share. I'm not particularly computer literate...but hopefully with time it will get better.

My biggest motive to start this is the adoption of our daughter Madison Riley Green (Fu Xiao Miao) from Jiangxi, China. goes our story. Some will be from present...other parts will be from the past. It all weaves together to create our ever-growing tapestry. I'm so glad to share the evolution of this story with my husband best friend, confidant and partner in all ways. I love you to the moon and back.

I'm going to start our story with the adoption and our trip to China...simply because I need to document so I don't forget a thing.

After waiting since submitting our paperwork 10/2005...we finally received our referral for Maddie 3/5/07. Here's the "The Stork has Landed" announcement.
Hello Great Wall Families!
The stork has landed at Great Wall! Today we received thirty-three (33) referrals for families whose dossiers were logged in on October 19 and 24, 2005. Of these 33 referrals, there are 32 girls and one little boy! The children in this referral group are from the following Provinces: Guangdong (10), Jiangxi (12) and Hunan (11). Congratulations to these families!
We appreciate your cooperation and we ask that you to refrain from calling or e-mailing us this afternoon as it can slow our processing. We understand that many families are eager to see our next Places Everyone email and we will be sending this your way tomorrow! Right now, we are working as quickly as we can to bring these families their referral! We thank ALL of you for your continued patience and support!

Followed by:
Hello Green Family,
The Stork has officially arrived! Congratulations! We tried reaching you by phone but also wanted to follow up via email as we would love to tell you more about your daughter:

Name: Fu Xiao Miao
Date of Birth: December 13, 2005
Province: Jiangxi
Orphanage: Fuzhou Social Welfare Institute

Photos of her are attached to this email! Wednesday you will receive a Fed Ex envelope containing your child’s original referral documents. Remember to sign and send back the following documents:

*Referral Acceptance Agreement (GWCA)
*Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter (CCAA)
*Travel Information Sheet (emailed to you)
*Parent Information Sheets (emailed to you)

It is very important that you return these forms no later than Tuesday, March 13, 2007. The sooner that we send them to China, the sooner you will travel.
We are also currently working to translate their Medical Exam and Growth Report; the Medical Exam will be included in your Fed Ex package and the Growth Report will be sent to you via email.
The above pictures were the first we received...and boy was it unexptected. We had requested a child over the age of 3...our Maddie was born 12/13/05 (best estimate based on her umbilical cord). All I can say is SHE IS PERFECT in all ways. Here's the information we were sent:

Growth Report on Fu Xiaomiao
Fu Xiaomiao (Fu means lucky, Xiao means smile and Miao means wonderful), female, was born on 12-13-2005 (DOB was estimated according to her umbilical cord). She was found abandoned before the gate of Nanhu Shopping Mall on 12-19-2005 and sent into our institute by Wang Yanping. Our doctor diagnosed she was in good health.
Now her height is 26.79 inches, weight is 18.7 lbs, head size is 16.75 inches, chest size is 16.75 inches, and foot length is 4.33 inches. She has 4 teeth on the top and 2 teeth at the bottom at this time. Her main foods are formulas, cereals and congee, she also eats noodle, rice, egg, vegetable, fruit, candy, biscuit etc.. She has 7 meals per day at 7:30 (milk), 9:00 (congee), 12:00 (milk), 15:00 (milk), 17:00 (congee), 20:00 (milk) and 2:00 (milk). Her appetite is good and she can drink milk 250ml or eat congee 180g each time. She likes egg most. She gets up at 7:30, takes a nap at 10:30 for about 2 hrs, and goes to bed at 21:00. She sleeps through the night, sucking her fingers. She sleeps in the cradle. She has 1~2 stools and several pees every day.
She can stand with assistance, stare at waving rattle-drum, sit up if you pull her, leap on the adults’ lap, sit alone, hold things in hands, tear paper, pass toys from hand to hand, look for missing toys, stretch hand to get toys far away from her, crawl, stand holding the baluster, walk holding the baluster, mimic the adults, do the gesture of shaking head, welcome and Goodbye. When she is happy, she will giggle. When you call her, she will turn to look at you. She can recognize acquaintance. She can shout at people or object, feed biscuit to herself, understand the facial expressions of the adults, ask for food, understand what is said to her and sometimes say the word Mama. She is extroverted, active and busy. She likes imitation. She enjoys listening to the music, talking, and laughing. She has a quick reflex. She likes to play with other kids. She loves animals. She likes to take shower. Sometimes, she is stubborn. She likes playing with other children in the yard. She has lots of favorite toys. She enjoys watching TV ads very much. Her favorite person is the caregiver.

Prepared by Fu Zhou SWI

Of course we accepted the could we not!! We loved her before we knew her.

We sent out our announcement that Maddie was on the way and began preparation for our journey to China. Lots of paperwork and lots of excitement!