December 29, 2007

School Picture from 2007

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December 13, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Girl

Our first birthday with Maddie. It's so funny to think she was born after George and I submitted our dossier...before she was ever here. She was meant for us. Our daughter yucked it up today with our family. Such wonderful presents!! Doll house accroutements, clothes, WalMart shopping cart, Dora phone, cash register...such a spoiled little tike...but she deserves it!! We ordered her Elmo Cake...couldn't find Barney...but Elmo was a hit. This followed by dress up...she has so much fun with Rylan and Kael. As soon as they arrive her face lights up. And they are so good with her. Rylan is going to make an amazing babysitter. Kael is a riot and entertains her to the utmost...he's very good about sharing with her and taking turns. He's learning what it's like to be a big brother in some ways :) Thank you family for having fun with us and making this a special birthday for Maddie.