October 31, 2008

Happy 2nd Halloween

Roasting smores with sucker in her mouth.
Always best to be prepared.
She was buzzed off sugar and dancing
madly to a skeleton singing
Living La Vida Loca

Kael showing Maddie the Trick-or-Treating Ropes

The cooler costume and bag o' treats from school

Our works of art. She took right to it since it's like
Mr. Potato head only with pumpkins

My attempt at collaging. I've been trying to get the
one big with 3 small for months - but am unsuccessful.
Any tips?

2nd picture down from the left is Danny.
You can't tell - but his hair is pretty red.
Maddie refers to him as her boyfriend.
He's the one that stands on tables and spits.
She's clearly going for the "bad boys".
Lower right is Sydney.
Regretably Emma wasn't there this day :(

9 faces of Maddie
Upper left is her telling me she wants one more M&M.
It has begun!

A year ago it was more our thing to dress her up and drag her out - I admit it. This year...just the opposite. She has been planning, discussing and organizing the whole thing. Regretably the Barney outfit was too hot - did that hold her back - heck no! She wore it the first half of trick or treating and then did a costume change for extra drama. Ta Dah! A fairy princess. Bet ya didn't know Barney could do that!

So...the day began bright and early with Mom helping with the rascals at school for cookie decorating and fun outside. Then, home to prepare - and then a night with the family trick-or-treating and having fun at a neighborhood party that included a hayride, food, making smores, music, jumper (she still is terrified of these and won't get in), and music. She's asleep on the floor right now - the day after. I'll be joining her soon!

Happy Halloween from Seattle!

Dori & Bobbie decked out for some serious Trick or Treating!

October 29, 2008

"Most of Her Life"

Yep...as of today our Maddie has lived with us most of her life. And what JOY she's brought to ours. "I was a baby in China. My name was Fu Xiao Miao. Now I'm a big girl in America. My name is Maddie Green".

October 27, 2008

Tolmachoff Farms

Definately where I stepped in something...

Maddie coaching them on where the car is for their rides home...

I think a pet pig would be absolutely delightful. I love pot-bellies. One day I'll sneak one home - much like I did our Golden Retriever. I wonder how long it would take George to notice. Maddie voted for a goat. May be a good distraction from the pig. She's in love...goat this and goat that. She smelled like a goat at the end of the day as did we...but a blast. I ruined a pair of shoes...not even worth cleaning. Petting the animals, playing in corn, going on a "train", a corn maze, picking a couple of great pumpkins, and...THE GOATS.