February 28, 2011

February, 2011

SOOOOOO enjoying having George home and teaching/working from home. He's love being out of the rat race and spending more time with Maddie. Maddie is growing like a weed...and we love her more with each passing minute.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with decorating Chinese fortune cookies with Rylan and Kael. Maddie is a pretty big fan of cooking.

Bohti continues to be a good member of the household. He is a climber...but it's good to see he's relaxing in his environment and not so skiddish.

We enjoyed going to the Chinese Cultural Center for their Chinese New Year celebration. Some of our pictures didn't turn out...but Maddie was enthralled (as were we) with the Dragon Dance. We also loved the arts and crafts there. Dad enjoyed coming with us too :)

Maddie continues to do so very well in Tae Kwon Do and loves it. She is very studious...pays close attention and practices daily on her own.

And...just goofed around. Hope the new year is treating all well.