August 31, 2008

Monsoon, Shopping & Pottery

This furniture was in a neat square yesterday afternoon...

Birthday Girl Rylan

We're not big on sweeties...
so when she gets a sucker it's like gold!

My Tough Girls
Striking Poses

Very detail-oriented

But Dad...this is your Christmas present -
You're not supposed to see!

Splashpad Fun!

For Rylan's birthday we went for a fun date! Her restaurant of choice - Sweet Tomatoes. Rylan plowed through salad, pizza, potatoe, soup and topped it off with chocolate indulence - chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce with chocolate sprinkles. Then off to Desert Ridge for a bit of looking around, a special treat of a dark chocolate covered pretzel for Rylan and a sucker for Maddie and then to As You Wish for pottery painting. Rylan painted a gnome that she named Mr. Zack, Maddie painted a cup for her Daddy for Christmas (surprised ruined when he came in and helped her :), and I worked on a plate. I am the most un-artistic person I know - but the image was there. The kids worked on their projects for about 2 hours - and both were REALLY concentrating and taking this very seriously! Rylans gnome is adorable - I can't wait to see it after it's glazed and fired. After Maddie finished she and Daddy got into mischief in the Splash Pad. What a FUN day!

The night before we had monsoon storming. I've lived here for 2o+ years and they are still amazing to me. Huge trees blown down all over where we lived including a huge Saguaro cactus. Our backyard was rearranged with patio furniture knocked over, heavy pots knocked down and broken, Maddie's heavy slide moved about 10 feet to the middle of the outdoor patio and a favorite mask broken :( Our next door neighbor's Palo Verde (HUGE) bowled over as well. Maddie slept through the pounding thunder, rain and constant lightning.