April 22, 2009

Visit to Austin - April 2009

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Our first journey home with Maddie was HORRIFIC. She was like a baby on crack with the Benadryl - laughing hysterically and didn't sleep at all...plus stomach problems. I refer to those 18 hours as my labor pains.

So...the prospect of another flight was met with some apprehension She did GREAT! Loved it. We stayed with my sister in Austin - filled with trips to parks, a kiddie amusement park where she went on all rides (planes, trains, automobiles, ponies, ferris wheel, boats & a merry go round). This was her first pony ride. She wanted Michael - my wonderful nephew - to accompany her on most. Colin - my other wonderful nephew - braved the merry go round. She also saw her first movie in a theatre - Monsters versus Aliens. Alamo Movie House is neat - they have a typical movie theatre set up with a bar in front of you...best queso dip I've ever had. Maddie liked the lemonade. We also had fun at Zilker park feeding the birds.

Best of all was Maddie spending time with her Austin Family. Michael goes to UT San Antonio - he is doing amazingly - he's learning Mandarin and when he switches to UT Austin next year is thinking of majoring in linguistics. He and the family are bound for a trip to China after Colin's year stint in India which starts 6/09 - WOW! Maddie referred to them as the "Big Boys" and had so much fun with chalk, puppets, another Easter Egg Hunt and so many fun things her Austin Family treated her to...spoiled :)

April 10, 2009

To Work or Not

I'm an older Mom. Maddie blessed my life when I was 37. For me...and just for me...I love the balance of work and and home-life. It helps that 2 out of the 4 days I work, Maddie is with her beloved Poppa. I actually feel (for me and just for me) I'm a better Mom as a result of this balance. When we're together she's my focus, my fun, my friend...it's a blast. I also love having her see me "get to work" versus "have to go to work". I like what I do. I feel like I make a difference in my daughter's world. I try to the best of my ability to help others. This is a lesson I want to teach her...to me one of the most important. The pics below are some of the reasons I like what I do. I work with some pretty dynamic folks - skilled, big hearts and tremendous senses of humor.

I'll be turning 40 next year. Some folks hide their age. For me...and just for me...I'm happy at 39 and soon to be 40. I have a loving and wonderful marriage, an AMAZING daughter who has fulfilled me beyond words, a loving and supportive friendship with both of my parents and with my siblings and family members, a tribe of incredible friends,involvment in fun activities, my health, a little house BIG with love...and 2 dogs. My cup runneth over. I am content. That's how I judge the passing of years.

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April 03, 2009

She's Just Cute

And Such a Nice Person. That's all. Just in Love with my Daughter.
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April 01, 2009

Oh My...Too Much Fun Stuff

I'm soooo behind. So...I'm trying desperately to catch up. This next series of pictures are those from birthdays in Feb/March. I never realized how many of these I'd be going to as a Mom. LOVE IT! So...these are those of Gymboree for a friend of Maddie's at school named Avery who turned 3 and then one for another buddy - Konnor - who turned 5 at Jump It Up.
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And then we had fun at Avery's 3rd Birthday Party @ Gymboree. Maddie's now addicted and speaks about Gymboree daily.

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