March 26, 2008

Maddie's Room

It's kind of funny going into Maddie's room now and there is actually a person in there. Sounds goofy...but I remember not so long ago working on this empty room...sitting on the floor with every little thing completed trying to imagine what it would be like when it actually belonged to someone. It does amazing little someone that is ours. She's the perfect finishing touch. She loves her room...spends time playing with her puzzles, pointing out the flowers and butterflies on the wall, loving legos and books, putting decorative stickers everywhere. Such a nice energy she has brought to our home.

March 23, 2008

Happy 1st Easter Saturday and Sunday

Kael - George's handsome grandson
Big Fish
Amazon River Exhibit

Sting Rays in the Amazon? I guess so...

Nothing but Love
With her Poppa
Rylan looking cute as always
Juan Valdez?

One big desert tortoise...big enough to ride!

Desert in bloom

Pretty amazing face-paints!
This carp was about 2 feetlong...and that's not a fish tail!

Done for the day

Easter Sunday starts Below

Hah! I see you!

Lenny (George's Daughter-in-Law) & Rylan (George's Granddaughter)

Such fun...I really think this is my favorite holiday. So...Saturday morning over to Terramar park where there was an Easter Egg Hunt, a jump-in castle, coloring contests, etc. to the Phoenix Zoo...Maddie's first zoo excursion. It turned out to be quite a hot day. On Sunday we spent a quite day at home with a morning Easter Egg hunt and then just goofing around at home.