July 31, 2011

July, 2011 Why orange? No better color for Longhorn's fans.

And I'm catching up!!

Well...let's see...June finished off with a bang. Two weeks after being fired I had 5 interviews and 5 offers. It was so awesome to see all that was out there. I took a job and started 6/13/11 at JFCS. Great group of people and hallelujah...normal management. Most there have been management for more than 5 minutes which helps. And many are tired of the politics and egos in the system. So - they are not controlling and make sense with practice. Fun, way too much food and good team. I'm not in knots going to work and don't have a supervisor who asks me to do unethical things or a supervisor's supervisor who is clueless. Ahhhhhh....that's better.

And...George and I enjoyed a trip to Austin. He was sold on the way to my sister's house from the airport. That didn't take long. The deer in her neighborhood greeted us and were prolific throughout the trip...so sweet. It's no wonder he liked it...even with a drought it's pretty. If felt good to get back - I always feel at home in Texas. My sister as always made us comfy and spoiled us. The winding rivers, BBQ, houses, Barton Springs, UT Austin (my Alma mater) trees and slower pace were delightful. We have settled on a neighborhood and school there. It's close to my sister and an area that will be great for Maddie, us...and my Dad. So - we have a bit of time to pull things together...but not too long now :)

And a new addition to the household - George's new baby - a Ford Mustang convertible. He goes through cars like underwear! Hopefully this one will last a bit. It's a fun ride though.