June 27, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Maddie is a FISH! She jumps easily, at times dives head first, is kicking and using her arms...although lately loves just floating on her stomach. Four days after we brought her home, George's daughter DeeAnn had a get-together at her house...it was the first time Maddie saw a pool. She LOVED it then and continues to be a natural water baby.
I'm working on uploading some video...but being audio/video challenged I haven't been successful so far...but it's coming.

Fun with my High School Friend...

Thank you Kathy for the gifts.
I can't wait to break into the cookbook & Maddie LOVES her "clip".

Kathy & I are old buddies from high school. We fell out of touch over the college years...but have reconnected and I am so glad. I have had the fun of seeing her shocked with getting pregnant round one...all the way to now with 2 absolute cuties. Natalie & Emily both have big blue eyes, rosy cheeks and such awesome and unique personalities. Maddie had a blast with them in the pool and ov er lunch. More playdates to come. Kathy is just a great person to be around...and just like high school I tremendously enjoy her company. Sorry about the dogs Kathy :) And thank you so much for her lovely barette and I'm thrilled with the cookbook...that I know was for Maddie ~ but seriously will be used to sneak vegies in on George. I love the idea of him eating brussel sprouts unknowingly as he munches on a brownie.

June 13, 2008

Rocky Point - 2008

Where's the beach? Horton and Maddie are ready!

David Hasselhoff - eat your heart out!

How Maddie loves Rylan!

Digging to China?

The buds having fun...a gallon of sunscreen later.

Yep...we practice water-boarding with the kids. New fangled discipline :)

My two favorite pics...

Rylan is growing up to be such a pretty girl and is so wonderful with Maddie.

Sights & sounds of Rocky Point. Fun shopping...
Yummy dinner at Manny's.
Maddie LOVES cheese quesadillas, enchiladas, guacamole & pico de gallo.

Addition to the doll family - Lola.

Let's go fly a kite...

Maddie croons about Ryan and Lenny and loves to be with them.
George & I are so grateful to them for their love of her.

Maddie referred to the beach as "Big Sandbox".

Maddie is just a great traveler. She's happy, goes with the flow and is just so much fun to be around. George, Ryan, Lenny, Rylan, Kael, Maddie and I drove the 4 1/2 hours to Rocky Point and stayed right on the beach in a condo. The water was a dot colder and rougher than last year...but for next year we're set and know when to go. We had fun on the beach digging sand castles and playing in the water, going into town for shopping, Thrifty Ice Cream, flying a kite, doing sparklers at night and the typical dinner at Manny's (yum - goat cheese). I don't know where she got it...but we built a sand monument Maddie told me was a dinosaur named "Emilio". I don't know who this Emilio is but at least she was authenic in Mexican Dinosaur naming. She's also on a kick lately - when she's given a direction she doesn't want to do she tells us "No...I am people". Already the advocate for human rights. All I can say is we're in so much trouble :) She as always had a blast with Rylan and Kael...whereever they were she was close by. They are so terrific with her as are Ryan and Lenny...we're so fortunate to have a family that has shown us support in parenthood...and who are strong and loving members of Maddie's life. We just couldn't ask for more.