May 05, 2016

9 years ago today...

I began the story today as I have the past 8 years.  As we have breakfast, as we drive to school, as I pick her up, as I kiss her good night...I tell the story.  The details are just as vibrant in my head today. She's reaching the point of filling in gaps and recounting the story just as well.  Today the story was about the start.  The getting up early, the heaving heavy luggage into the car after counting money and checking documents, the first time of many exchanging money, seeing a taste of China in San Francisco's airport, the plane ride reading a Harry Potter book and eating noodles instead of peanuts.  The wonder, the nerves, the surreal, the images in my head.  As I remember the not yet having her, she is here beside me...her hand on my leg...asleep.

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